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Far Cry 5 invades Montana on gaming systems

It’s a brave, new world in Montana … well, at least on your gaming system it is.

Ubisoft released Far Cry 5 February 2, 2018 in London, making it the fifth installment of this wildly popular gaming series. It is the first time that the game has ventured onto American soil, and Big Sky country is the setting.

In a press release by Jan Stoddard of the Office of Tourism and Business Development/Department of Commerce in Montana, the game may present some unique opportunities for businesses as the game’s devoted fan base become involved in the game.

From the press release:

Research on previous Ubisoft video games shows that gamers have an average profile of 30 years old, college educated, with the financial capability and time to travel. Gamers will travel to destinations featured in video games. And, with the word “Montana” in every ad, social media post, article, and review, gamers will be checking out Montana.

The previous installment of the game, Far Cry 4, was set in the fictional country of Kyrat, located in the Himalayas and had a following of more than 43 million players. With the game being set in the fictional Hope County of Southwest Montana, it’s possible that these fanatical fans may be coming into your shops and gas stations to get a glimpse of the same territory they’ll see in game.

From the press release:

The Southwest Montana Tourism Region took the initiative to create a landing page with content to help these visitors plan a trip to Montana and find the appropriate resources to explore the scenery and activities highlighted in the game. The landing page, http://visithopecounty.com/, is built upon the domain name for the fictional county. It is appearing in the top placement spot when you Google “Hope County Montana.”

Far Cry 5’s fictional Hope County is a conglomeration of actual Montana counties that include Ravalli, Granite, Powell, Lewis and Clark, Broadwater, Deer Lodge, Silver Bow, Jefferson, Madison and Beaverhead.

The game has a “Mature, 17+” setting due to its violence and language. It is a first-player shooter game and is available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Players of the game started showing up in Montana nine months before the game. The Office of Tourism and Business Development/Department of Commerce has developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet that can be read and distributed to workers interfacing with the public that will help answer questions about the game’s setting and general information regarding Ubisoft’s selection of Montana. That FAQ can be found by clicking HERE.

by Tim Allen, QSPNLive

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