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On Tuesday evening May 21st, 2019 in anaconda, Montana @ The Deer Lodge County Courthouse, the county commissioners said absolutely no way. 

In unanimously agreed in concert that they would never allow the annual summer "Smelterman's Day Celebration" to be held @ Kennedy Commons with the use of their already approved Montana State special event liquor license for the day.

The Chamber of Commerce Director provided due diligence and reasonable community advantages for the planned "Brew Fest" Smelter man Day event to be held specifically at the Kennedy Commons for, economic and tourism benefit to the entire community. 

The County CEO and the County Attorney agreed in favor of the location for the Anaconda Chamber of Commerce sponsored event to be used with their Montana State already issued Brew Fest Alcohol License for the event.  Each of the two county officials in favor of the event planners proposal made a public comment in favor of the once a year annual event. 

Several community members, chamber of commerce as well as, members of community development service organizations attended in support of the Brew Fest event being held @ Kennedy Commons as is typically each year. Only one community member showed up to oppose the event location recommendation and special event state alcohol permit use.  The most insistent opposing resident requested please not be recorded by press video while delivering her decent to the public proposal.  However, all comment are available through the commissioners' clerk. The citizen in opposition to the event location was later identified to be an ex-commission who had previously served on the Deer Lodge, County Commission.

The commissioners appeared rather per-determined in their deliberation. A majority public voice of reason in accord with advocating public officials all were in agreement that, the reason and cause for the event to be held in the chosen location was indeed the best option for the entire community's best benefit.  It was pointed out numerous ways made very clear that the event, is a Brew Fest which, is a family orientated event by nature.  Breweries are well know for their community contribution and economic benefits.

The commissioners insisted the somewhat neglected location was desired to be a children's haven.  They insisted that the park was specifically a children's retreat although the park is void and lacking of any child amenity whatsoever expect perhaps, a left over swamp like mud puddle from the recent winters lingering melt down. It was suggested by at least one commissioner that an annual special event alcohol license would compromise the community integity and moral purpose for never allowing a Brew Fest to happen Kennedy Commons Park. Located pretty much in the center of town.  Noted by a representative of the Chamber of Commerce as the best venue for community tourism and optimal commerce events public.   

Regardless of overwhelming support, the commissioners unanimously voted to foil the optimal think-tank planned event venue upgrade for the Smelterman's Day Celebration at the Kennedy Commons central location.  In the end the commissions brutally sent the community benefit organizations sponsoring the event packing in dismay. 

Sadly, the community event planners will have to make alternate venue arrangements for the first every Brew Fest addition to the annual, "Smelter man's Day Celebration",  historic community event. The annual event raises vital contributions for Anaconda Chamber of Commerce and community public service organizations to attract and encourage returning tourists trade and new commerce revenue opportunities for the entire community.  This looks like a very carefully planned missed opportunity for the community to maximize annual trade event retention and growth.

One public comment was made that, the reasoning behind the commissions strike down is the very reason why folks drive up A1 from I-90 East, drive right through Anaconda and mostly without even stopping for a thing as they hurry on through to Philipburg. Year after year.

--- QSPNLive.com Local News Editorial

* This article has been updated due to typographical errors. The editorial commentary content subject matter remains unchanged. (05-29-2019)

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