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Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Political cartoon was inappropriate

Dear Editor,

In light of recent events in Phillipsburg, Montana, and in other towns across the United States, I feel this week’s political cartoon shown in the newspaper is inappropriate and disrespectful.

There are many reasons as to why this comic is not funny. The main reason is because it is a serious issue that is happening all over the world today. The fact that you are trying to make any sort of light out is this situation is crazy and unbelievable. How does one have not only the audacity to create this comic but to publish this comic? Especially, when it has just happened here! The fact that it was published in the first place makes me question the society we live in today.

People have lost their lives due to the recent incidents and what has happened can never be justified. This political cartoon is mocking the students who attend schools worldwide and that is what makes it so disrespectful. I am a student who attends school to learn, participate in extracurricular activities and should not have to worry about this happening in our school. It is possible and that has been shown in light of recent events. Whether or not there was action, a threat was made and that alone is enough to scare children.

This week’s political cartoon is a way to tear apart a community rather than bring them together when it is most needed. Whether or not this comic was meant to be funny or serious you obviously did not get a laugh out of many. This comic is something that should have been seriously questioned on whether or not it should have been published. In the end this comic is not funny nor appropriate.

My thoughts,

Katelin Walkley

Junior, Granite High School

NOTE - The above letter by Ms. Walkley was in reference to an editorial cartoon that appeared in the March 1, 2018 edition of the Philipsburg Mail.

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