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Tips to Throw the Best Movie Night Ever

Tips to Throw the Best Movie Night Ever


1. Know your audience. Will it be a family-friendly night? Will the movies screened have a theme -- such as all being by one director or set in the same city? Know who your audience is and select movies that best fit the bill.

2. Get the real theater feel. Get the real movie theater experience in the comfort of your home with a projector like those from Casio’s LampFree Slim line-up, which offer quick and easy set-up and reliable, brilliant images.

3. Let’s all go to the lobby. You can further enhance your movie night and get the real movie theater feel with fresh popcorn and other authentic movie theater snacks, such as candy, soda and hot dogs.

4. Get comfy. Make sure you have everything you need to make for the comfiest movie night for all your guests. Have pillows and blankets on hand. Short on seating? Add bean bag chairs and other comfy seats that are easy to move around, if needed.

5. Make a night of it. Once you know what movie you are watching, consider making the entire gathering a theme night. Encourage guests to dress in costume. Do some research ahead of time and make snacks that go with the movie. You can even add trivia into the equation for an extra bit of fun.